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Rob Barrick
Rob Barrick moved to Portland in 1983 and played in several rock bands before collaborating with Peter Yeates to form Full Shilling, a Celtic fusion group, with Rob McKendrick, Skip Parente, and Steve Mulligan. That group attracted a lot of attention as they played some of the bigger Celtic festivals in the US, such as the Milwaukee Irish Fest. Guest artists with the band included Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham and others.

Rob also played on Strictly Time, an extremely successful Highland Dance recording with Alan Walters and Rob McKendrick.

In addition to his many guest recording spots, Rob was a founding member of the group Raven which has recorded four CDs available through, and also a member of the contra dance band Pied a Terre which has one recording out. Rob has recorded a solo CD of popular pipe tunes as well, "The Standards" also available through CDbaby, and has collaborated on a CD of Pipe and Harp Wedding Music with Elizabeth Nicholson. Rob is an approved adjudicator through the BC Pipers Association and in demand for dance competitions including the North West Regional Championships for the last six years.

Rob runs Barbarrick Music, the recording studio where this new CD was produced.

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